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How to Install Paving Stones

Paving stones can add a unique style to the exterior of any home because they reflect the personality of the homeowner. These stone blocks come in a variety of color and sizes that can transform the look of driveways, porches, patios, and walkways around the property. They key to creating that unique look is being […]

Selecting a Deck Builder

A deck can add a lot to a home. It’s a place to gather and relax while enjoying the outdoors. Like a pier overlooking a vast ocean, a deck can be a calming way to overlook your garden. Naturally, you want a deck that will last you many seasons and many years. A deck is […]

How to Build a Stone Planter

Creating a stone planter can be rewarding and easy home project. Stone planters have a great advantage for the avid gardener. There is less stooping or bending. With the planter raised off the ground, the plants can be reached more easily. These great planters create an eye catching focal point for the yard, while providing […]

How to Make a Floating Island

Any garden containing a lake or pond is incomplete without the inclusion of a floating garden. Not only are these style of gardens aesthetically pleasing, they also serve an invaluable function. Floating gardens serve as safe habitats for wildlife in a garden, and actually clean the body of water they are built on. Further more, […]

Landscape Around a Pool

Landscaping around a pool area is not only visually appealing, but it also provides extra privacy when you’re enjoying a swim. It’s important to have a fence installed around the perimeter of a pool to ensure the safety of young children and those who do not know how to swim. Safety fences are often not […]

Keeping Color in the Garden

Many flower gardeners give up on color and texture in their garden during the final parts of the summer. In particular are those gardeners who concentrate upon using perennials almost to the exclusivity of any annual plants. It is easy to understand the desire to use just perennials. You only need to plant them once […]

Bring Your Lawn To Life

As the weather warms up, everyone wants to go outside, so make sure your lawn is in great shape for the upcoming sun-filled months. Raking: Start by raking the area hard to dislodge any materials that have been left over by the winter such as leaves, thatch, sticks and dead grass. Doing this helps to […]

How To Fix Garden Pathways

As you look out at your garden and see the aftermath of a long growing season, spring, along with its normal chores of planning and plating, seems a long way off. Yet, there is much work to do. When the last of this year’s crop has been harvested your garden can start to look beat-up. […]